School of Electronic and Information Engineering

International leadership courses held successfully in our school

        April 15, 2015 to 16, Professor Chen Fuen, who is from school of Electronics and Informa-tion Engineering,  introduced the well-known American entrepreneur Russell A.Frank and his executive team coming to our school ,this team opened a two-day international leader-ship talent in English courses for my school Students and conducted a comprehensive thought leadership training. 

        Presenter Russell A.Frank has over 40 years of experience in international executives who assist the British Steel Corporation, SUMITOMO Metal Industries, Hyundai Heavy Indus-tries, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi Motors Corp. and other North American expansion. He often do charity and public welfare, often with the help of North American Chinese, especially Chinese students in America, they call him the father of the United States.


         Mr Frank taught students the basic but very important business rules and he gave them some real case what he has experienced to study. When talking about the ethnical leader-ship ,he was a little bit serious ,but actually built a very good atmosphere.Professor Chen Fuen and this executive team planned the international leadership programs, organizing undergraduate students and conducted a comprehensive two-day training, strengthening of the international leaders of the guidelines for students’ future employment and lay a good start basis,and several financial executives from Mr Frank team was an analyzed some financial crisis in the event of their practices, and his company briefing for everyone to provide a reference, every student in the presence of all positive thinking.

        Professor Chen combined Western leadership model, reached a consensus with the Unit-ed States  executive team, as we provide a realistic program to enhance our leadership to develop their potential.

        Finally, Mr Frank will maintain close contact with our school and look forward to bringing more valuable lessons for students in Beijing Jiaotong University.