School of Electronic and Information Engineering

South Korea Ajou University exchange meeting among teachers and students held successfully

           On January 6,teachers and students from South Korea Ajou Universitywith more than 40 people visit our school, visiting the national laboratory and history museum ,after which communicating with electronic information engineering college teachers and students in ninth teaching building south room 115 with warm atmosphere.

On the communication meeting, vice President of school of electronic information engineering WenYinghongexpressed herappreciation to visiton behalf of the college teachers and students,hoping this meetingto be as a starting program withAjou University to carry out long-term friendly cooperation with South Korea.   


Subsequently, South Korea teacher presented the general situation of Ajou University which locates in the city of suwon with 14843 students, the faculty is responsible for the number of students per capita is 22.6.Recently, the school jointly committed to the construction of high level, distinctive international University and cultivating international talents.Li Jinghong on behalf of the students presented research subject "study on human visual system and portable color energy-saving system".

 Finally, foreign affairs director Wang Ziying introduced the study and daily life showing good spirit of the students in our school.


Our school has always attached great importance to international cooperation and exchange programs.The present meeting make preparations for further cooperation with colleges and universities.