School of Electronic and Information Engineering

School of Electronic and information EngineeringInternational exchange program briefing sessions held successfully

        On December 25, School of Electronic and information Engineeringinternational exchange program briefing sessions 101 are held successfully in room 101 in the 9thteaching building.Institute of international education exchange center Zhang Zhiguo, School of Electronic and information Engineering Shen YanpingWang Qiong, foreign affairs director Wang ZiyingChen Sizuoall attended the lecture.Preach impressingly attracted more than 100 undergraduate students in grade 20122013, 2014.  


        The Preach is divided into introduction of international communication project of both school and college, returned students experience sharing and statistics for students willing to study abroad and so on.Institute of international education exchange center Zhang Zhiguo,foreign affairs director Wang Ziying respectively introducedinternational exchange programs of school and School of Electronic and information Engineering,including the Swedish royal institute of technology university, university in Sweden, the United States at the university of Minnesota, French INSA Lyon university, university of Manchester in England and other information about students enrolling for the joint training project, project mode, costs, and time signing up as well,reminding students to understand the corresponding schoolearly, prepare language test, meet the admission requirements, the comprehensive development on life at the same time,prepare for adapting to study abroad in the future life; In terms of registration and apply which most students concern,they provide elaboratelydetailed answer.Li Daoqiof grade 2012studying at the university of Minnesota sharesinformation about the school application,experience of studying abroad.Students ask questions zealously,consulting for transfer credits, learning environment to adapt and problems happening daily. Finally,School of Electronic and information Engineering Wang Qiong appreciates participation of teachers and students, said the institute will organize more beneficial exchanges to help the students successfully complete their studies and study abroad smoothly. 


        Our school has always focused theinternational communication programs, guiding studentsactively,devotng to carry out the exchange of experience. School of Electronic and information Engineering establishedmicro letter groupfor "fly over the sea and telecommunications college international exchange",fully use of new media form to innovative work method. During the Preach,institute of foreign affairs work team minded on students who intending to study abroad for further education,focusing on the terms of regions of schools and typesof training project,to make full preparation for the next phase of work as classification guidance, positioning accuratelyas a good bedding.