School of Electronic and Information Engineering

"Arrow electronics China - Beijing jiaotong university innovation laboratory" launching ceremony and innovative project selection successfully held

         On November 19, "arrow electronics China - Beijing Jiaotong university innovation laboratory" launching ceremony and innovative project selection is held in the student activity center theater. Arrow electronic APAC President Mr Yu Minghong, vice President of greater China Liang Shuqin lady, APAC vice President of human resources Ms Guo Lishan,human resources director of north Asia region Ms Zhou Yanmei and vice principal from our school Zhang XinChen,vice President of the school ofElectronic and information Engineering Dai Shenhua, deputy secretary of the school ofElectronic and information Engineering Wang Hong ying all attended the ceremony.

         Arrow Electronics (China) isa wholly owned subsidiary of Arrow Electronics, which headquarters in Colorado, USA. As a leading global distributor of electronic components, one of fortune 500 ranking141 in 2013, whileearning sales of $21.4 billion in 2013,providing products and services for more than 100000 electronics manufacturers.In addition the company ownsmore than 460 offices in 58 countries and regions. Over the years, countless telecom talent has grown as the business backbone, witnessing the development and progress of Arrow. Arrow electronic media English program aims to study to be better, pushing for change, including joining programsin colleges and universities, colleges and universities innovation laboratory planning and technology development, etc,including the station  of BeijingJiaotong university whichhas gradually developed.

        At the Launching ceremony,Vice President of our school introduces the traditional advantage of school discipline background and the thought of development, he puts forward that in the face of the challenge of economic globalization, to train young students with innovation and pursuit of excellence has become the focus of the school. Beijing Jiaotong university will be hand in hand with enterprises, creating a more open and innovative academic research atmosphere,encouraging the students to keep pace, forging ahead pioneering and innovative.

        Arrow electronic APAC President delivers a warm speech,sharing personal university life with students,and puts forward advice on career planning,welcoming aspiring young students to join the arrow electronics (China) team, hope students work together for a better tomorrow.

        Vice President Zhang Xinchenand President Yu Minghong officially launched project cooperation for "arrow electronics China - Beijing Jiaotong university innovation laboratory". 

        In the selection of innovative projects, 10 innovative teamsfrom the school of electronic information engineering gave the project demonstrations.What’s more the company's technical team gave valuable advice. Demonstrationsare distinctive, creative,committing to serve the society,solve the daily requirements for the disabled,including  "blind spot" with professional characteristic, light and stable "gecko crawling robot", a practical and environmental protection "energy saving LED large screen color", "health detector based on the human body impedance measurement", "interactive projection document processing system", "self-help guide device based on wireless communication", "wireless location based on TOA parameters demo application platform", "multimedia wireless pen" and so on so forth.Because of its good market prospects,teams all won the praise of the expert team,which fully shows students in our school own excellent professional technical and eager to return to the society and the fact that teachers, students and make innovation with technology enterprises all together. 

        To build an innovation-oriented country without the full support and broad participation of the whole society is impossible, we need the jointefforts of colleges and universities, enterprises and students and so on all parties. For so long a time, our school actively seeks the path of university-enterprise cooperation, "arrow electronics China - Beijing Jiaotong university innovation laboratory" is to improve the students comprehensive qualities, broaden the students scientific view, inspire students' innovative thinking, cultivating base wide, strong ability and high quality innovative talents, set up a joint with the arrow electronic innovation laboratory.Preparation since 2013, a total of cultivating innovation projects in the quantity of more than 100, while more than 400 teachers and students are involved, effectively stimulated students’ interest and enthusiasm of scientific research innovation, providing the dreams of students’ display, communication, learning and development platform. The launching ceremony and innovative project selection is the achievements of the cooperation on both sides, hoping to discuss further strengthen, efforting to build consensus, expanding areas of cooperation and to achieve win-win situation on both sides.