School of Electronic and Information Engineering

Professor Zhang, the former president of Taiwan National Chiao Tung University communicated with our teachers and students

         On October 23 afternoon, Professor Zhang, the former president of Taiwan National Chiao Tung University, communicated with teachers and students from School of Electronic and Information Engineering. He shared the precious experiences about how to cultivate the innovative talents and how to study independently. The atmosphere was warm and all conventioners enjoyed it. Subsequently, Professor Zhang gave an academic report entitled "Innovation education and Industry" for the students.


In addition, Professor Zhang offered students the academic frontier short-term course named VLSI Devices during the visit, focusing on explaining nano FINFETS devices, the future efficient devices and new display technology MTP.



Professor Zhang is the foreign academician of the National Academy of Engineering. He became a professor at the Jiaotong University in 1969. He worked as the leader of research and development, dean of college of engineering, dean of the school of information and electronic information, director of the center and the principal successively. Zhang worked in Taiwan University, Taiwan’s National Tsing Hua University, National Cheng Kung University and National Chiao Tung University. In terms of teaching, Professor Zhang has directed one hundred doctors and a total of more than three hundred master's degree thesis. In terms of scientific research, Zhang has published more than 450 papers in international periodicals, and more than 50 approved patents. Since the 1960s, Zhang has been committed to the research of microelectronics and semiconductor on theory and practice. He founded and worked as director of the National Nano Device Laboratories in 1990, and has a deep research in the field of wireless communication. He has made a fundamental contribution for Taiwan's electronics industry development.