The overview of EAIE


The School of Electronic and Information Engineering (SEIE) is one of the prominent schools of Beijing Jiaotong University, which consists of three departments (Department of Information and Communication Engineering, Department of Automatic Control Engineering, Department of Electronic Engineering), one institute  (Institute of Light Wave Technology) as well as National Teaching Base for Basic Electric and Electronics Engineering.

After years of development, some major disciplines, especially Communication and Information Engineering, have attained a leading position in China. Under the guidance of Academician Jian Shuishen, some research achievements in optical fiber communication, optical fiber sensing, optical electronics devices, IP router and broadband communication have even come up to international level. What’s more, Traffic Information Engineering has gained its leading position in the world. It is playing a major role in guaranteeing the safety and high speed for railways in China and is bringing great economic and social benefits. In the recent years, we have assumed various tasks, including National Hi-tech Plan ‘973’ and ‘863’Programs, key natural science programs funded by National Planning Committee and Science and Technology Committee, as well as projects for railway development, which occupy 70% of the total funding. The amount of our research funding has been increasing steadily.